Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crochet Baby boots and beanie - 2

Another friend of mine was blessed with a baby boy last month. I made these boots and cap for him. I didn't use the traditional blue color yarn for 2 reasons. I had already made a set with blue color. You can see it here. Secondly, why are boys always supposed to wear blue ? May be it looks formal, but, I guess, a 10 days old boy need not look formal. :-)

 The boots naturally take a nice form. Additionally,  I have stuffed them with paper.

Excuse me for the bad photography. I noticed the paper peeking out of the boots only while creating this post!

Since I didn't have a matching button, I crocheted these buttons.

I particularly like the nice rim of the hat. Single crocheting on the back look only creates this lovely rim.

I followed this pattern for hat and this for the boots. Thanks to authors for sharing the pattern freely.

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