Thursday, 10 April 2014

Recycled Onion bag - Crochet scrubber and pull string bag

All of us must be familiar with this onion bag and I'm sure there are lots of these bags lying around in your kitchen.

After using up the onions, my MIL had stored them, hoping to put them to use later. One day, she
asked me whether it is possible to make anything useful from these bags.

I needed a scrubber for cleaning my son's feeding bottle, so I took 2 bags, folded them to make a nice square and then did single crochet around the edges. And the scrubber was ready. It is nice and sturdy. I have been using it for more than 6 months and I haven't seen a single tear yet.

Then I decided to make the bag a little fancy.

I added 2 layers of the bags, so that it could hold more weight and did double crochet along one edge to form the base of the bag.

At the other end, I decided to make a pull string. So I did half double crochet along the entire bag. For the pull string, I made a long chain and attached pom-poms at the end.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Video - Magic Photo cube

I wanted to do a craft with my son's photos and landed upon this magic photo cube. It really is magic. It can display 10 different photos, just by a few turns and flips.

I used a white chart paper for creating the cubes. Using this template, I cut out 8 pieces, scored along the lines and folded them.

Attached the 8 cubes to each other following the instructions given here.

After attaching the individual cubes, each face of the square was measuring 4.5 inches. So I printed 8 photos of size 4.5" x 4.5 " and 2 photos of size 4.5" x 9 ". Followed the instructions on this link and pasted the photos onto the cubes.

After pasting all the photos, the cube was ready :-)

Here's the video

I usually like to personalize gifts and this one gets the top place on my list.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crochet Baby boots and beanie - 2

Another friend of mine was blessed with a baby boy last month. I made these boots and cap for him. I didn't use the traditional blue color yarn for 2 reasons. I had already made a set with blue color. You can see it here. Secondly, why are boys always supposed to wear blue ? May be it looks formal, but, I guess, a 10 days old boy need not look formal. :-)

 The boots naturally take a nice form. Additionally,  I have stuffed them with paper.

Excuse me for the bad photography. I noticed the paper peeking out of the boots only while creating this post!

Since I didn't have a matching button, I crocheted these buttons.

I particularly like the nice rim of the hat. Single crocheting on the back look only creates this lovely rim.

I followed this pattern for hat and this for the boots. Thanks to authors for sharing the pattern freely.