Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Birthday Return gifts

This post is a very late one, almost by a year. It is about the return gifts that I made for my son's first birthday which we celebrated last year.

I wanted to make it a colorful day. So, planned on the decoration, cake and the return gifts accordingly.
A quick glance through the photos below will show that I partly achieved what I had in mind :-)

Now on to the crafty part, I took a list of all the children who will be at the party and started  making the return gifts.

I bought some hair barrettes and used some satin ribbon and turned them like this. Made about 2 dozen pairs.

This is my sister's daughter wearing the barrettes right away at the party itself :-)

And this is a center clip. I used felt for the cloud and satin ribbons for rainbow. The cloud looked rather plain, so i ended up doing a bit of embroidery for the eyes and mouth. I turned out good. I made about a dozen of these clips.

For the boys I bought some color book and color pencils and made these zipper pouches to hold the color pencils. These zipper pouches will wind all the way down and can be zipped up again. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the opened up purse.

These are the pencil toppers. Blue one is made of felt and supposed to resemble elephants head, and the 2nd one is an aeroplane made with wooden cloths pin. Not sure if you were able to find them :-)

To hold all the clips, I made these 4 layered boxes using color paper and chart paper.

With the left over papers I made these paper trains for the babies who came to the party.

I covered the plastic stick up covers with crepe paper. They were used for giving away chocolates to the kids.

I enjoyed making these gifts and hope the kids too were happy to use them.

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  1. Wonderful! Crafty!! :) you must do a tutorial on the 4 layer box! Impressive :)


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