Monday, 24 November 2014

Tutorial - DIY Butterfly costume

My son ( His name is Keshav )  has started going to school. He's into playgroup now. For Children's Day, they had organised a celebration at his school. My son can't sit or stand in one place for more than 2 minutes. He always flies like a butterfly. So I dressed him up as a butterfly.

Since I couldn't go shopping I had to do with the materials I had at home. It came out well.
Here's Keshav in his butterfly costume. ( He's the official model for my blog )


Materials required
  1.  Cardboard ( I took it from an empty carton ) 
  2.  Butterfly template. I used this one 

  1.  Old gift paper. ( I used the glittering one's. Any colour paper would do ) 
  2.  Elastic band ( I used the elastic tapes from Keshav's old pants )
  3.  Head Band 
  4.  2 Straws for the antennae
  5.  Paint, brush 
  6.  Gum, Cello tape
  7.  Craft blade / scissors

1. Using the template as a base, draw the butterfly design on the cardboard
2. Cut out the shape using scissors or craft blade ( This blade was easy to use on cardboard and the ends came out neat and clean ) 
3. Cut out the glitter / color paper according to the butterfly design and paste them on the cardboard.
4. After it dries up, paint the outline with black paint.  I have added small dots here and there on the glitter paper itself. 
5.  Make 2 small holes on either side of the wings. This is where, we will be attaching the elastic band. I have highlighted the holes in the image below. 

Insert the tape in one hole and draw it through the other hole. So the front side will be like this, 
I have painted the tape in black color. I have highlighted the elastic band. 

On the back side, you can tie a knot or sew the ends together as I have done. Since it is elastic, it will expand. So you can decide on the length depending on kid's size. You can make them wear it and then adjust the length. And the wings are done.

For the antennae, I used a straw and rolled it inwards and then used cello tape to secure the shape. Then I attached it to the headband with cello tape. I painted the straws with black paint.
Here's a close up picture. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Newborn Crochet Booties

My Husband's cousin is blessed with a boy baby. I made these boots for him. He's 10 days old.
Thanks to Sarah from Repeat Crafter me. I followed her tutorial  


Crochet Pincushion

I bought an automatic sewing machine recently and before starting any project on that, I made this pincushion. I found this pattern on the net and tried it. It came out well.