Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Crochet Hook case - Pattern

For a long time, my crochet hooks have been lying around. I was searching for the right pattern and finally, I combined 2 to 3 patterns and came up with my own !! 

Now, on to the hook case

I made the front piece following this tutorial. But I adjusted it to suit my needs. Since I wanted a rolled up case, I omitted the spine part of the tutorial. For the smaller hooks, I used dc stich to create the hook pocket and for 5.5 mm and 6 mm hooks, I used tr crochet stitch instead of the double crochet stitch.
For the cutter's pocket, I did, sc, tr, dc, hdc to form a bigger pocket.

I used the start pattern for the back part of the case and a small strip made of sc for the top part.


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