Monday, 20 April 2015

Another embroidered saree

Here is another saree that I embroidered. I liked the color of the saree, so I bought it. But it looked very plain. So I decided to embroider some flower design. To match the border color, I have used purple cone thread. Using this thread over normal DMC thread has 2 advantages .  It has a nice shine to it and the embroidery work will get over in no time since this thread is  thicker than DMC thread.

Peacock embroidery on Saree

I did this embroidery long back. It is almost 10 years old saree. Still it looks fresh.
I bought a plain saree and decided to embroider it.

I selected the designs and bought some purple sequins for the mango design.
To match the saree border, I decided to embroider the peacock in purple color.


Monday, 13 April 2015

Chest of Drawers made from paper

Recently, I went to my friends house. I made this drawer set for her daughter.
It is made of paperand can be used to hold small clips, hair pins, etc. It has 8 compartments.

This is another clothes pin holder that I made for her.