Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Video - Magic Photo cube

I wanted to do a craft with my son's photos and landed upon this magic photo cube. It really is magic. It can display 10 different photos, just by a few turns and flips.

I used a white chart paper for creating the cubes. Using this template, I cut out 8 pieces, scored along the lines and folded them.

Attached the 8 cubes to each other following the instructions given here.

After attaching the individual cubes, each face of the square was measuring 4.5 inches. So I printed 8 photos of size 4.5" x 4.5 " and 2 photos of size 4.5" x 9 ". Followed the instructions on this link and pasted the photos onto the cubes.

After pasting all the photos, the cube was ready :-)

Here's the video

I usually like to personalize gifts and this one gets the top place on my list.



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