Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Embroidered Kurti

I embroidered this Kurti for my dear friend.. I have been planning to do something for her for a very long time and finally, I made it.  I hope she likes it.

I ordered a kurti from flipkart and traced this design.

Tracing on black dress material has always been a problem. On dark materials, we have to use yellow carbon paper to trace the design. But, as we embroider one section, the carbon imprint on the other areas seems to vanish. And it becomes very difficult to trace the design again !

After a long search for the right materials for tracing, I ended up using a silver glitter pen :-) ..
After tracing with carbon paper, I draw over the design using this pen.  With my kid around, I take a lot of time to finish any project. So, its very important for me to ensure that the design stays put until I finish the whole embroidering.


I also made matching crochet earring for the kurti. I used the same DMC thread that I used for embroidering.

~ Gaya3


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